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Get started designing your at-home aquarium or terrarium

Whether you run a local business or you're ready to add a little flair to your home, you can enhance your space with the addition of a beautiful aquarium or terrarium . The first step in creating your aquarium is stopping by a local fish pet store in Ocean Gate, New Jersey or shopping online. Discus "R" Us was voted the #1 pet store in Ocean County for our wide selection and quality of fish, reptiles and insects. We are your number one option for optimal fish food and any décor to enhance your aquarium or terrarium.

Choose from a wide selection of fish and reptiles

Discus "R" Us is a comprehensive fish and reptile pet store in Ocean Gate, NJ. You'll find all your favorite species at our location or online. Our store carries:

  • Fish, including the ever-popular discus and other tropical fish
  • Reptiles/Amphibians, ranging from snakes to bearded dragons to frogs and more
  • Insects/Arachnids, including tarantulas, scorpions and cockroaches

You can also find all the latest and greatest brands of fish foods, reptile foods, and aquarium accessories. Browse our fish and reptile pet store today to find a new friend for your aquarium or terrarium. Contact us today to learn more about our pet store.

Why shop at Discus "R" Us?

When you choose Discus "R" Us, you'll find that we're more than the average fish pet store. We carry a wide selection of fish and reptiles for you to choose from, plus the best fish food in the industry. Our prices are the most competitive in the industry and area. You'll get the best customer service that you deserve at our family-owned, small business. Our Discus are imported from Malaysia and our tropical fish are imported from all over the world to ensure top-quality and total customer satisfaction.

Visit Discus "R" Us in Ocean Gate, NJ today to get started building your new aquarium.


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