Healthy Food for Your Aquatic Pets

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Caring for your fish and other aquatic animals means having clean water, safe tanks and healthy foods that mimic their natural diet. Discus R Us carries Omega One fish food-an excellent choice for your pets. Your animals will love the taste, and you'll feel good about giving them high-quality food.

Come in today to purchase Omega One pellets, flakes, crisps and sticks in Ocean Gate, NJ.

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Learn the Benefits of Omega One fish food

Omega One fish food is meal-free and contains the freshest cold-water marine proteins available. Other foods are made with fishmeal, which is made of industrial-grade fish or fish bi-product that is poorly handled and potentially rancid. Omega One pellets start with the best ingredients, including fresh seafood. Here are some other benefits of Omega One fish food:

Increased immunity: The essential fatty acids in Omega One provide energy and strengthen the delicate fish immune system, decreasing rates of disease and mortality.

Natural color enhancement: The ingredients, especially salmon and shrimp, contain extremely high levels of naturally occurring pigments called beta-carotenes. These pigments have a nearly 100% transfer rate to the skin of ornamental fish.

A cleaner, healthier aquarium: Omega One is the only dry fish food available that uses a protein-binding system. Other foods require large amounts of starch binders. These binders are water-soluble, so the vitamins begin to leach out immediately upon hitting the water. If the food is not eaten immediately, its vitamins are lost.

Omega One flake fish food is a step above the rest. Purchase your supply at Discus R Us in Ocean Gate, NJ.