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Being a responsible pet owner is finding the optimal food and nutrition for your pet. At Discus "R" Us we supply everything you need for optimal nutrition and care your fish or reptile. Our facility in Ocean Gate, New Jersey carries a wide range of the best fish food and reptile food, both popular and rare. Discus "R" Us can have food shipped right to your door, too, making pet ownership easy.

Browse our selection of fish food and reptile food, including Omega One Pellets, by visiting our store in Ocean Gate, NJ today.

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There are several types of optimal foods for your fish and reptiles, amphibians, snakes, and more

When it comes to choosing food for your fish or reptile, you want to pick the type that's optimal for your pets species. Fish food comes in a variety of forms, including:

  • Flakes, crisps, sticks, and pellets including Omega One Pellets
  • Brands such as Tropical Hikari, Zoo Med, Zilla, Tetra, API,and many more
  • Live food for all species

Depending on the species of fish you care for, Discus "R" Us you will find the optimal food option. Our team is always there to assist you choose the right type.
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