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Keeping reptiles can be an exciting and rewarding hobby, but feeding them is quite different than feeding cats or dogs. Discus R Us sells several types of feeders for reptiles. Whether you have a tiny crested gecko or a large ball python, we've got the food they need.

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Keep your pet safe with frozen feeders from Discus R Us

Keep your pet safe with frozen feeders from Discus R Us

Reptiles eat a variety of different prey, from tiny crickets to large mice. Roaches and crickets are essentially harmless, but live mice can be dangerous for your pet. They can cause severe, and sometimes fatal, injuries to your pet. In order to avoid this, frozen snake food is recommended. Feeding frozen mice is less stressful for you, and it eliminates the need for the mouse to suffer.

Here are some of the top feeders we carry:

Dubia roaches: Available in 1/8-inch nymphs up to 2-inch adults. Dubia roaches are a satisfactory prey item for almost any reptile. They grow along with your pets-larger sizes become available as they breed and mature. Also, Dubia roaches live up to two years, so they remain edible for a long time. Finally, they are more nutritious than mealworms, superworms or crickets, as they contain up to 23% protein.

Frozen mice: Available in sizes small to extra-large. Frozen mice provide excellent nutrition for most snakes and some small lizards. Start with the smallest size and move up to more mature mice as your reptile grows.

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